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foam-fillingvigettyTyremen UK offer you a high quality tyre fitting and repair service for truck, car, agricultural, plant and van. Additionally we offer 24 hours a day roadside assistance.

All tyres have wear indicator strips moulded into the tread across the tyre. When these are showing in the tread it’s time to get new tyres. The law requires that you have a minimum of 1.5 mm tread depth on your tyres.

Tyres worn past those tread indicators are an accident waiting to happen. On a wet road tyres with wear at those levels aquaplane. That is like trying to drive on ice.

The wrong tyre pressures will affect the life of your tyres and also the handling of your vehicle. Vehicle suspensions and handling are designed for particular types of tyres and tyre pressures.

*Over-inflated tyres cause the centre part of the tread to wear faster, reduce the tyre footprint on the road and compromise the effectiveness of the tyres in emergency braking.

*Under-inflated tyres increase wear on the tyre shoulders and affect fuel consumption and the handling and ride of the vehicle, especially on winding roads.

Our stock of tyres

Tyremen stock all major brands and if we don’t have it we’ll get it. We always like to match tyres. This may not be possible with some used imports, but we can advise on the best replacement tyres for your vehicle and order them in and fit them.

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